Palmer Station Construction

Palmer construction materials laid out
Laying out the pieces...
jackhammer work preparing the foundation
Preparing for more of the foundation...Seabees of MCB-6
were assisted by crewmen from the Edisto.
one of the Edisto's helicopters
The Edisto's helicopters made things lots easier, since there is no pier, a very poor landing site for small craft, and a lousy road up the hill.
erecting the first section
Installing the roof on the berthing section.
installing roof panels
Another view from the other side of the structure.
putting the roof on the first section of the structure
Putting the roof on the first section of the structure.
a view of the nearly completed structure
The nearly completed structure from the back.
the station fuel supply
Some of the original fuel bladders behind the station. There was a 50,000 gallon supply.
All of the black-and-white photos are U. S. Navy photos are from the DF-65 Navy cruisebook except for the last one (fuel bladders) which appeared in the Bulletin of the US Antarctic Projects Officer, Vol. 6, No. 7; Summer 1965. The color photos are from 1965 winterover Jack Cummings from this blog page.