Palmer Station Winter 1975


Holmes & Narver
Gary Bennett                Cook
Diego Cuadrado              Maintenance
Warren Lincoln              Power Plant Mechanic
William (Bill) Lokey        Station Manager
Walter Tofani               Physician
Shane Williams              Comms

Robert (Bob) Daniels  Biology/SSL  University of California, Davis
Glen Eisner           Biology      University of California, Davis
Daren Laine           Biology      University of California, Davis
David (Dave) Neilson  Biology      University of Minnesota

Source: w/o photo,
Antarctic Journal, July/August 1975*
Updated photo with thanks to Glenn Grant, September 2006

(original unedited photo, 2.8 mb) 

(the older photo)

*The Antarctic Journal erroneously listed Allen Smith rather than
Diego Cuadrado as the winterover maintenance person. But my Palmer
friends have noted that local Argentines were hired to work at Palmer
Station...Diego was the first (and perhaps the only) to winter. Oh...
it also misspelled friend Gary Bennett's name.