Palmer Station Winter 1973

the Palmer 1973 winterovers

U. S. Navy
UT2 Jack C. Ames                   Plumbing/mechanical
CE2 Gary L. Cadle                  Electrician
CM1 Jimmie L. Evans                Mechanic
RM1 Robert B. Houston              Comms
LT Lloyd A. Jukkola (CEC)          Officer-in-Charge
SK2 Paul W. Morgan                 Supply
CS1 Charles L. Sandau              Cook
LT Donald A. Spencer (MC)          Physician
HM1 Charles H. (Pete) Thornhill    Medical
BU1 Melvin W. (Willie) Williamson  Carpenter

Albert P. Giannini      Biology           University of California, Davis
Philip H. Haley         Biology           University of California, Davis
Thomas A. Kauffman      Biology/SSL       University of California, Davis
Patrick D. (Pat) Smith  Doppler research  U. S. Geological Survey
David K. (Kent) Yates   Doppler research  U. S. Geological Survey doesn't have to be at Palmer Station to notice that three of the photos are not
labeled. What happened? Well, all I know is that Kent Yates took most of these photos, but
the composite was not created before the hectic departure of the team on the Hero in December
1973. So...I'm guessing this composite was created much later, and either the ID of these
folks got lost, or their names slipped down into the bottom of the frame. The three unnamed
folks are (from left to right):
CE2 Gary L. Cadle, Thomas A. Kauffman (UC Davis), and UT2 Jack C. Ames.

Source: w/o photo (photo thanks to Glenn Grant),
and the missing names were provided by D. Kent Yates.
Antarctic Journal, July/August 1973, 

(full size unedited image, 4.2 mb)

(here is the older smaller version of the winterover photo, which I
converted to black-and-white, the original was also from Glenn).