Palmer Station Winter 1970

Palmer 1970 winterovers

Above is the photo hanging at Palmer...
Below is another one from Dave Steward, with his caption:

winterovers with some summer folks
Palmer Station Crew - January, 1970
Left to right (back row) - Don Mclaughlin (extreme left) Chief Parks*, Jay Klinck, Terry Heim*, John Stanciu, Bill Stout*,
Chief George Wade.
Front row, left to right, Dave Steward, Michael Bergin, Harvey High (behind and right of Mike), Stephen Shabica, Verne
Smith., MD. Not shown: Dennis Patton.

*summer support

Some of the group had a reunion in Stonington, CT (at Nathaniel B. Palmer's house) in July 2005...Dave Steward had a website with photos but it seems to have disappeared. Well, here's the web site for Palmer's home in Stonington, CT.
U. S. Navy
CS1 Harvey W. High, USN (Harv)                     Cook
CM2 Jay C. Klinck, USN (Colonel)                   Mechanic
LTJG Donald J. McLaughlin, CEC, USNR (Capt'n Mac)  Officer-in-Charge
HM1 Dennis M. Patton, USN (Pat)                    Medical
LT Verne A. Smith, MC, USNR (Doc)                  Medical Officer
RM1 John R. Stanciu, USN (Stan)                    Comms
SK2 Paul D. (Dave) Steward, USN (Big Stew)         Supply
CEC George W. Wade Jr., USN (Chief)                Electrician
Stephen V. Shabica  Biology/SSL    University of Oregon
Marine Acoustical Services, Inc.
Michael X. Bergin       Engineering

Sources: Dave Steward, who corrected the w/o photo, and
the Antarctic Journal, July/August 1970