Palmer Station Winter 1967

last OP midwinter dinner
Clockwise from bottom left: Rudolf Honkala, Ian Whillans (in glasses with beard),
Richard Campleman (no glasses with beard, leaning forward), Lynn Suydam, Harry
Phillips, James Lowry, Dennis Stout, John Bruns, Clifford Woods
The above photo is from Clifford Woods...below is the unedited back side of the photo
in the stairwell (thanks to Neal Scheibe), with names added by Clifford:
naming names
Below, the complete list of names:
  U. S. Navy
CEC Richard Campleman       Petty Officer in Charge
CS1 Harry G. Phillips       Cook
RM1 Dennis K. Stout         Comms
HM1 Clifford R. Woods       Medical

John E. Bruns            Glaciology       Ohio State University
Rudolf A. Honkala        Meteorology/SSL  Ohio State University
James K. Lowry           Biology          Virginia Institute of Marine Science
E. Lynn Suydam           Biology          Ohio State University
Ian M. Whillans          Glaciology       Ohio State University

Rudolf wintered as the chief meteorologist at Wilkes during IGY in 1957, and wintered there
again in 1960. He died in 2008 (obituary and oral history interview).

Name source: Antarctic Journal, September/October 1967