Palmer Station Winter 1966

...the second winter at what we now know as Old Palmer

1966 Palmer winter crew
Brown, Lawrence E., Surveying, Ohio State, USARP
DeWitt, Steven R., Meteorology, Ohio State, USARP
Murch, Paul L., CS1, ASA
Nance, Vernon L., RM1, ASA
Peckham, Verne E., Biology,, Bishop Museum, USARP
Rundle, Arthur S., Glaciology, Ohio State University, Station Science Leader, USARP
Skelly, Donald J., HMC, NCOIC ASA
Wrigley, Richard J., EO1, ASA

Name source: Antarctic Journal (NSF), September/October 1966
Photo source: Glenn Grant

Note that 1967 winterover Clifford Woods shared with me a photo of Eddie/Eddy...unfortunately
he, a retired lead sled dog, who was with all 3 Old Palmer crews, had to be put down by the
1968 crew.

Here's an older photo version (also from Glenn) which shows part of the frame.