Palmer Station Winter 2019

2019 Palmer Station winterovers
Above, the 2019 winterover photo! With 5 elements--the large group photo from Ken Keenan, the list of names below the photo, the winterover patch designed by Ken, a photo of the station having a video chat with Christina Koch aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and a starry background with a view of the ISS.
2019 winterovers
The base winterover photo, taken above the station.
the framed winterover photo
The framed photo.
the 201midwinter greeting Above, the traditional midwinter greeting card that was sent around to other Antarctic stations as well as folks elsewhere.

the Palmer team at midwinter
This is the base photo by Ken Keenan which was used to create the card.

Palmer winterovers at the midwinter dinner
Yes, there was a midwinter dinner...documented here in "heroic era" style by Kim Bernard.
the sideboard heavily laden with goodies
The sideboard, heavily laden with appetizers...
the midwinter dinner table

...and the freshly set table. These 2 photos are from Hannah James.
the midwinter dinner menu

Here's the
dinner menu...
Lisa Minelli-Endlich

...and this is chef Lisa Minelli-Endlich decorating Hanna James' birthday cake, one of the desserts. These 2 photos are from Lisa; this photo is by Holly Mullins.
Yes, there WERE videos. First...exactly at midwinter, 21 June, at 1254 Palmer time (UTC-3) the Polar Plunge happened, led off by Ken Keenan (this video by Kirsten Steinke):
Palmer polar plunge video

And there also is the midwinter greeting video! This public version features clips from NSF's six polar research sites. The Palmer portion was created by Ken Keenan; the link below starts there at 3:58 (mostly without sound):
link to NSF midwinter video