Palmer Station Winter 2015

the 2015 winterovers

This is the winterover photo that is to be framed. Who are they? Left to right:

Back Row (standing) L-R: Dan Nielsen, Johnny Bryant, Ryan Andres, Vernon Seribo, Tom Adams, Emily Longano, Mike Hiller.

Middle Row (kneeling) L-R: Harry Snyder, Malcolm Arnold, Kris Perry.

Front Row (kneeling) L-R: Bob DeValentino, Julian Race, Chuck Holloway, Tricia Morgan, Lance Roth, George Warren, Cynthia Spence, Michael Clark.

Photo by Cynthia Spence (original photo, 632kb).

So where and how was the above photo taken? Well, it required some heavy and passable ice in front of the station--a somewhat rare event. As documented by the below alternate photo looking east (original photo, 699 kb).

an alternate wo photo

Palmer Station 2015 greeting card

Above...the Palmer Station/Laurence M. Gould midwinter greeting. This photo was actually taken in early June before the LMG made a quick trip north---the vessel was scheduled to return to Palmer Station on 24 June to take some of these folks home...and leave the rest behind for the winter.

The photo was taken by Cynthia Spence...the card design was by Julian Race.